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Production/Office Assistant

Job Type:

Full Time


Primarily AIRBAG’s Sydney offices at 10 Butt St, Surry Hills, NSW, on location, or any other place that AIRBAG conducts its business.

Supervisor / Manager:

EP – Sydney (Alex Tizzard)

Head of Production/EP - Melbourne (Martin Box)

Managing Partner (Adrian Bosich)

AIRBAG Productions offers its employees a high degree of flexibility and responsibility in achieving their business goals. Provided agreed business objectives are met, you are encouraged to innovate and operate in a manner to maximize your effectiveness.

Your responsibilities:

Represent AIRBAG professionally and ethically at all times.

To complete the work provided by AIRBAG to the highest level and to make management aware if a task cannot be completed by yourself for any particular reason.

Your main role is as Production Assistant/Office Manager for AIRBAG.

Carry out and fulfill tasks as outlined in the position description.

Position Description:

Production Assistant

-  Management of Jobs in coordination with the Producer

-  Production support inc crew booking & creation of callsheets etc

-  Create and maintain production schedules and keep the job calendars up to date

-  Liaising with external suppliers

-  Liaising with film crew/agents

-  Organising equipment for shoots

-  Pitch Assisting

-  Assistance with budgeting

-  Coordinating Award Entries

-  Coordinating travel arrangements

-  Assisting directors and producers as necessary

-  Maintain company collateral, including websites, showreels, file deliveries, social media

Onset Production Manager

-  Being aware of and making sure all safety, OH&S and union regulations are followed

-  Making sure all paperwork and agreements are supplied ie location / talent agreements

-  Creation and maintenance of Daily Production Reports of shoot days for producers

Office Manager

-  Managing mail and couriers

-  Processing and coding invoices, credit card receipts, etc.

-  Ordering and maintaining office supplies and equipment, and kitchen supplies

-  Accommodating clients

-  Front of house relations for client visits

-  Keeping the office and kitchen tidy

-  Keeping the store room in order

-  Answering and screening telephone calls

AIRBAG’s Expectations:

-  Conduct yourself in a professional manner at all times.

-  Strive to uphold AIRBAG’s reputation and workplace ethics at all times.

-  Take any and all opportunities to develop your skills through both formal and informal training opportunities.

-  Proactively seek out and receive feedback on your job performance and action it to the best of your ability.

-  Provide the use of your own vehicle to transport yourself or equipment where

reasonably requested (expenses reasonably reimbursed).

Email your resume, with a cover letter to: